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A puppet a week

Some of you will already know about my proclivity for 365-style projects. Recently, while looking at knitting patterns for my toddler’s upcoming birthday, I ran across some really fantastic puppets by Anne Mende of Pumora (smart lady has an Etsy Shop, Rav page, and Craftsy shop; I love it when my favourite designers are easy to find!). These two fabulous designs caught my eye as MUST MAKE (immediate thought: “Do I have enough yarn in the right colour in my stash? Can I cast on right now? Will Matt be mad if I never finish that second mitten I’ve been promising?”):

Walrus handpuppet knitting pattern PDF

WALRUS! OF DOOOOOOM (doom not included)

RHINO! Thanks to Diego and Dora, my child recognizes animals that, in general, do not make their home in snowy Canada. When it comes to our indiginous animals, we’re pretty limited by what we can see out of our window (mostly squirrels and the weirdos down the street). “Look, Mama, a Tree Frog! Oh, Mama, it’s a Kinkajou!” I was all like “No sweetie, Pikachu is not a real animal”. Thanks for making me look like an idiot in front of my 3-year old, Diego! However when I showed her some Canada Geese flying overhead, it was all “oh! I think those are Macaws!” and me smugly saying “Canada Geese, those are geese”. Boo-yah, got that one right.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got appropriate yarn in my stash, but yes, someone would be mad if I didn’t finish that second mitten. So these amazing knits will have to wait for a bit. So I was poking about to see what else Anne Mende has designed, and I came across what it possibly the most exciting (to me) 365-style project. A PUPPET A WEEK. A puppet. a week. A puppet! A WEEK. And then I scrolled down and there was a squid. A SQUID.

And then I saw this:
Sadly it looks like she hasn’t made a new on in a few months, but I’m really hoping that she’ll pick this up again (and offer the patterns for sale). I wish she offered a subscription service; I’d happily hand her buckets of money if it meant she could brighten the internet with her awesomeness on a regular basis.