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In which I am published and just a little bit excited about it.

So, my friends, I have had a knitting pattern published! And in Knitty, no less, a fact of which I am entirely, unrepentantly and completely excited (and not a little smug, too).  I present to you: Caaaarbs! An ode to all that is good and noodle-y…


You can find them on Ravelry here, if you’d like to add them to you queue or favourite them, or (gasp!) leave a comment! This pair has a very large set of balls pom poms, but you can make yours whatever size you like.


If you don’t get the joke yet, these mitts are inspired by the Flying Spaghetti Monster; an internet phenom since 2005. That’s right. I’m just THAT current with my cultural references.

Regardless, I am extremely pleased. Non-Knitters may not realize it, but being in Knitty is Very Much a Big Deal. Actually, way back when I started making and selling purses, at the very first craft show I ever did, Amy from Knitty showed up and spied my Yarn Pirate Bag. She featured it, and I sold more of them than I could ever have imagined. I really do credit her with helping to launch my sewing career! Seven years later, I’ve come full circle and actually have a real pattern published in the magazine (and photos of me wearing a colander on my head. I am shameless).

Coffee: A Love Affair

It’s true, I adore coffee. And I adore these mittens (are you allowed to adore something you made yourself? TOO BAD! I LOVE THEM)

The pattern is also now available on Ravelry! I can pretty much guarantee that you know at least one coffee-aholic who would love you forever if you made them a pair of these.


So I did a favour for someone

But really it ended up being a favour to me.

The incomparable Mandy Anne Curtis asked me to do a blog post on her fabulous blog, Chocolate and Cream Cake. Since we share a lot of nerdy interests, I jokingly offered up some possible themes:

1. So You’re Going to Travel in Time and Space (what to wear when life’s about to get timey-wimey)

2. I am a (tiny) god: making a Loki helmet to fit your finger

3. Fictional Fancies: the entire cast of SPACED


And then I was like SCREW IT I NEED TO MAKE THAT HELMET. So here it is: