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More mittens (so far, living up to the name).

Just so you don’t think all I’ve done so far is a couple of poorly knit swatches that I’m not happy with, I do actually have a pair of mittens to show you. I was going to wait, because I’m not quite done writing the pattern up, and I haven’t taken any really nice photos of them, but here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to:



I’m hoping to be done the pattern and photos and have it ready to go sometime next week, but that really all depends on the amount of face time I get with my computer.  And how many times I end up watching this week’s Doctor Who.

As for my colour conundrum of yesterday, I’ve gone ahead and ordered a couple alternate colours to try. If they don’t work out, I’ll be trying out the two colour option.  I’ll get there eventually, I promise!

So the colour palette I was using before was thusly:

(left to right: Knit Picks Palette in Ash, Silver, Sky, and Semolina)

They look nice together, but I can totally see the problem when I line them up like this. So I’m going to try again with these options:

(left to right: Knit Picks Palette in Ash, Mist, Clarity, and Custard)

It’s hard to tell from a computer screen, so I am taking a bit of a chance, but I really hope these colours work out. I think they are light enough while avoiding the Easter Egg look.

This is one of those “sometimes”. Kinda.

I’ve been hesitating to define this new project for a variety of reasons. Mostly because I know how very much work it’s going to be, and I don’t want to set up a schedule for posting that I won’t be able to maintain. So allow me to define Moar Mitten thusly:


There will be mittens.




In the meantime, let me give you a glimpse into the project that is currently making me swear like a fishwife wrangling a live eel.


It’s mittens (surprise!), but you can’t tell that yet.



looks like crap, yes? Yes. And I know why too; colour. I’ve used colours that are just way too similar in terms of tone and saturation. The light grey and blue just melt together and the eye can’t separate them easily. Not only should I already know that it won’t work, I’ve even recently attended a talk by the fabulous Anne of AnnieBeeKnits  and the wonderful Johanna of Lofty Fibres  (I’m lucky enough to know these two amazing ladies personally. You should be jealous. I’m kinda jealous of myself). They talked about all sorts of colour ideas, and problems, and how to avoid them. And I nodded sagely along, especially when they talked about not using colours that, while different actual colours, have the same depth or saturation of colour. And then I went ahead and did this.

To illustrate, I’ve changed this colour into greyscale:



A total muddle. THe yellow, blue, and light grey are a total wash, and the darker grey is totally distracting as a background stripe.

So, I thought to myself, what if I used the three similar colours in the background, and brought the darker grey to the forefront? So I knit another swatch:



This is much clearer, although I’m not entirely sure it’s doing what I want it to do. It is amazing what you can do with the same palette, yes? Honestly, I really wanted to do a stranded mitten with only two strands working at a time, and I thought it was super neat that the stripes become the eyes, belly, and mouth of the robot. This may just not pan out. But, back to the colour. The darker colour really outlines the bots more clearly than the light grey. You can see this so clearly in the greyscale:



So while this is a much better choice than the first option, it may not be the final design. I think I need to make a larger swatch, maybe in the round to see how the palm design for the mitten would work with the stripes in the background.

I do have a couple other ideas, I could knit it up in the light grey and darker grey, and leave it in only two colours. I could knit it in two colours, then duplicate stitch the eyes and bellies on (I’m already planning on duplicate stitching the little hearts on the bellies). Or I could use an intarsia technique to do the colour sections. However, the last two techniques would be pretty time-consuming, and I’m not sure anyone but me would be interested in a design that takes so much finishing (and that much intarsia might kill me). I may release both a multicolour version and a two colour version, though that would mean knitting up an inordinate number of mittens.

Another option would be to get lighter shades of the yellow, blue, and even the light grey. This would increase the contrast between the background colours and the robot outlines. Since I love colour, that might be the best solution? Maybe these will end up being multiple option mittens. And maybe they will take until 2015 if I try to do that.