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Darcy’s Crotch

My dear friends, I have fallen down the Austen rabbit hole, again. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are seriously affecting me. I’m talking faster, waving my hands, and thinking a lot about Darcy’s crotch.

Specifically, if this shot:



Is a clever reference to this infamous shot:


Jane Austen adaptations: bringing you the crotch shots you want to see.


And while we’re here, can we talk about this fellow:

Watching Emma right now and this is all I can think about.


That’s Mr. Knightly, from Emma. As played by the intrepid, and let’s face it, fairly adorable Jonny Lee Miller, who is currently on tv playing this man:

That’s Sherlock Holmes, from CBS’s much-lambasted-but-actually-pretty-much-cute-and-wonderful-series Elementary.

So. I don’t know what you do all day, but I managed to convince myself that since:

A. Mr. Knightly and Emma get married and have lots of babies


B. They are British and rich and pretty awesome 19th century folks


C. Sherlock comes from a wealthy and powerful British family

in addition to the fact that

D. Sherlock looks an awful lot like Mr. Knightly

Then it is a truth universally acknowledged that

E. (you know where this is going, right?) SHERLOCK IS EMMA AND MR. KNIGHTLY’S GREAT GREAT GRANDBABBY


A little something

for Valentine’s Day! Just print it out, and brighten up someone’s day.


Also, if you put quotation marks around GEM, it makes it look like you’re being sarcastic. So it works equally well for your Valentine’s enemies as well!

Not quite right for you enemies and frenemies? My friend Mandy has an extensive list of nerdy valentines, including some really excellent Avengers-themed ones she made (because she is awesome).

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