I posted as a guest and I swore a couple times

Today is a great day, because:

A: It are my BIRFDAY


B: I have a guest post up at the blog of wonderously talented and amazingly awesome Anne. Check it out HERE. She’s doing a series on colour, and asked me to post a little something after I drew her a little doodle of a robot. I am pretty sure every other guest blogger for Anne’s excellent Colour Riot series has provided you with links, actual facts, and possibly homework. I am lazy, and so I will leave you with something recreational. Read Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. No. It is not THAT book. Really. If there is one thing Sci-Fi is really good at (besides being totally kick ass and amazing), it’s making you think in different ways. This book made me think differently about colour, while also being an awesome post-apocalyptic-type interesting read.

4 thoughts on “I posted as a guest and I swore a couple times

  1. Annie Bee says:

    Ermahgerd. Jasper Fforde on colour? If he’s as brain-twistingly, mind-bendingly awesome as he is when he’s writing about BookWorld and Thursday Next, I MUST FIND THIS BOOK.

    Also, thank you SO much for the blog post.


    • Erin of Moar Mitten says:

      His colour series (there’s only one book so far, but it’s meant to be a trilogy) is actually my favourite work of his by far. I love the others, but this book is pretty easily in my top ten.

  2. Teresa says:

    Agreed on Shades of grey. Also kept thinking about shawls and how to make something for that book. I can’t wait for the other books

    Anne- KPL has digital version if not hard copy.

    • Erin of Moar Mitten says:

      I have a mitten idea for that book but it’s pretty vague. But it’s a concept, so I guess it’s a start?

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