What I did while I wasn’t watching MegaShark vs Giant Octopus

So lately I haven’t had a whole lot of knitting mojo. It turns out that my will to knit is directly tied into what media I want to consume, as I am completely incapable of knitting without some sort of other brain distraction (which explains my inability to knit anything particularly complicated).

And loves, I am in a media rut. I am all caught up on all my favourite shows, and I’ve abandoned several mid-season for lack of excitement. Some others (I’m looking at you, DOCTOR WHO AND WAREHOUSE 13) are still on mid-season hiatus. And finding movies is hard, especially since Netflix seems to mostly think I would really really enjoy 2-HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGA SHARK VS. CROCASAURUS (hint: I would not enjoy either of these).

Added to this is the fact that my child discovered my copy of Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi. Which she thinks is a catalogue, so I have been knitting teeny tiny monkeys, lions, mermaids, and other wondrous creatures to the specifications of a persnickety three year old. Because I am easily manipulated by tiny little hands grabbing my knitting needles and handing them to me while a little voice says “You knit me this, Mama? You kneet is for ME?”.


On the plus side, they are darn cute knits, and, assuming you are only knitting a few; quickly finished. If you’re producing a charming army for a Preschooler to attempt world domination with, it will probably take you a great deal longer.

teeny 003

So from left to right, we have: a lion, a viking, a pink computer, a yellow monkey, a ghost, a house with a mailbox (house my design), another lion, a mermaid, a christmas tree, a blue monkey, and a pink telephone. There have been more since this photo was taken. I finally gave in and purchased some metal DPNs, as I actually have been breaking the tips off my wood ones with the tininess. Of course, I haven’t had much opportunity to use them, as apparently now someone has enough teeny tiny friends, and could I knit a big big something instead?

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