A BIG SALE, because babbies.

So here’s a little infographic about what’s happening and about to happen to me*:



I’m currently on step one, but step two and three are coming soon. Kinda like a hurricane of poop, vomit, and lack of sleep approaching over the horizon. I am shortly expecting to give birth to twins, so as you can probably imagine, I won’t have much time for anything besides catering to tiny demanding overlords and curling in a corner to cry. This means I won’t be able to fill any orders close to the holidays; and my shop will be on hiatus for awhile; at least a few months but maybe longer depending on how illusive my sanity proves to be.

So I’m having a sale on all in-stock items! Plan ahead for the holidays, or just stock up before they’re gone for a long time!

HUGE SALE ON NOW: 35% off with the code THEYRECOMING (until November 28th or I give birth, whichever is first)


*this infographic is purely and completely from the mind of the fabulous AnnieBeeKnits. Her concept, loves.

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