Have you heard of WWKIP Day? It’s where all us weirdo knitters go forth and Knit In Public. Which we probably already do, but now we do it EN MASS. Fear us, and our cardigans.

My lovely local knitting shop, Shall We Knit, holds all sorts of fun shenanigans, and this year I’m happy to say I’ll be there selling some of my robots. They’re eager to hold your knitting notions, and secretly download the contents of your brain while you sleep. I’ll be premiering a new bot, SUPER SHEEP:

Also available as a black super sheep for the rebels in your family.

Please join me this Saturday, June 7th at Shall We Knit? In lovely Uptown Waterloo:


As you can see, there are some pretty famous knitterly folks who are going to be there (I do not include myself as famous. Maybe… infamous).


Hope to see you there!

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