Knitting in Public

Knitters are the best people.

I was a bit nervous to spend the day selling my robots at WWKIP day at the illustrious Shall We Knit, because it’s been A) a long time since I’ve done a show and B) I wasn’t sure how the bots would go over with a more eclectic group of knitters than the online-saavy nerds I usually associate with.

I don’t know why I worried at all.

Image taken by the talented and lovely Kim of indigodragonfly

Considering that some of the first bots purchased were David Suzuki, Space Monkey, and the Lobster, I feel confident in saying that these are my kind of people. Basically I was lucky enough to get to be around some very very awesome people.

Indigodragonfly was there, selling kits for my Robot Squirrel and superhero squirrel Cape,* and doing their incredible yearly fundraising charity auction.

Squirrels! Image taken by the nefarious Kim of indigodragonfly

squirrel with capes! Image taken by the plucky Kim of indigodragonfly

Getting to see the dyeing process in person was such a treat; I really hope to be able to attend one of her Stained Fingers Dye Camps some year. Or every year. Or maybe I’ll just go and live in her studio once it’s built and refuse to ever leave. It’ll be fine as long as they have wifi and plumbing.

Seriously, with yarn this gorgeous, who can blame me for running away to live in a shed? Yarn in the dye bath, photo by the gorgeously talented and hardworking Kim of indigodragonfly

Marit had her amazing long colour change gradient gobstopper yarn of gorgeousness (uh, some of which DEFINITELY came home with me):

Image totally stolen from Marit’s Gobstopper Ravelry Page.


A note about  this yarn: if you ever see it, buy it. Marit dyes in extremely limited quantities, and it is amazing. Seriously, buy it. Buy as much of it as you can, then hide it away from other knitters because they WILL burgle your house if they know you have it.

Kate Atherley, knitting expert and all-around awesome lady was there, teaching classes and running around in a superhero cape (seriously). She was offering advice on your knitting problems for a donation, which is pretty much the best deal ever. When else do you get access to a professional knitter with mad problem solving skills? Kate was also the Adjudicator at our local knitting guild’s biannual adjudicated show, more on that in another, longer, picture heavy post (spoilers: I win a door prize!)

It was a fabulous day; I talked loudly and waved my hands alot, so apologize to everyone is the city who had to listen to me extoll the virtues of Marit’s yarn, or exclaim excitedly that I was NEXT TO FAMOUS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! (followed by a squeal). I don’t know what it is about knitting, but put me in a room with Hugh Jackman, and I’d calmly inform him that his muscled looked very bulgy in that Wolverine movie, and that I hear he plays a mean maraca. But put me within 100 metres of someone who is known is knitting circles? I fall to pieces.

I think they might be CGI


Huge kudos to the awesome and awesomely talented rockstars at Shall We Knit for organizing such a great day. I may have gone home without my voice, if you find it, can you let me know?


*need the pattern? Both patterns are available through Ravelry or Etsy

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