Wanty eyes

Have any of you seen these Sirka Knitting Counters? Me wanty. Me wanty with much wanting.

Basically, they keep track of repeats; THREE DIFFERENT ONES. You know all those patterns that are like “do this such and such every 4 rows, and then at the same time, do this other really complicated thing”? This keeps track of that. You can keep track of when you need to do the every fours rows thing, and when you need to do the other really complicated thing, all one one counter. It’s so smart. I usually just make tally marks on my pattern, and then lose the tallied page halfway through, or forget what tally I was on. I’ve tried other row counters and half the time they get moved or clicked in my bag. This is an elegant solution. I have not seen one in person, nor held one in my hand, so I can’t tell you how well they work. I have no idea. But they seem clever, and they sure are pretty.

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