Just go read this book

Holy Geez you guys, this book. The world building in this book is so damn good. Lockstep, by Karl Shroeder.

I knew nothing about this book going in. I’d heard that the world building was good, and I love me some good world building, so I thought, what the hell. They had it at my local library, and I figured I’d pop by and pick it up.

It grabbed me right away, took me by the shoulders and screamed in my face THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA. It is just so goddamn clever.


2 thoughts on “Just go read this book

  1. Holly says:

    Rawr, we don’t have it in our system! Will rectify this. Am reading the Fault in Our Stars, because it’s the thing everyone is waiting in line for, but John Green just minorly annoys me.

    • Erin of Moar Mitten says:

      I couldn’t get through TFIOS, although I generally quite like John Green in his Vlogbrothers videos.

      I feel like giving you book recs is like sending coal to Newcastle, but if you are looking for something, my absolute favourite book of last year was The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. And I adore anything that Jasper Fforde writes, though it’s hard for me to narrow his work down to one book to start with.

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